Brand Concpept

objet d’art

O’JETT is an abbreviation of ‘objet d’art’ meaning “one art product” in French.

It is a fusion brand that reinterprets French classics with modern sensibility and designs French classical art with modern language, color, and shape.

  • Originality
  • Junoesque (elegant beauty)
  • Elegance
  • Timeless
  • Trend / Terrific / Tech (artisan)

O’JETT is a brand that delivers elegant beauty and timeless sensibility through unique designs and through artisans’ professionalism.

Brand Concpept

Swan Song

Swan is a bird that symbolizes purity, mystery, elegance, nobility, bravery, peace and loyalty. In England, swans are designated as a royal family bird, so killing them is prohibited by law. They often appear in art works and European children books. A legend says it that swans never sing during their lifetime, but sing a beautiful song just before their death. Thus, the swan song metaphorically refers to a final artwork of an artist. After being inspired from that phrase, O’JETT expresses Peter’s last artwork metaphorically. By overlapping the images of swans’ pure beauty, elegance, and restrained beauty with the brand, O’JETT symbolizes the beauty of products, resembling swans, and it further symbolizes the future value of the brand’s beauty. The crown of the swan signifies best quality and brand value. The storytelling of the brand is visualized by using water painting techniques and designed symbolically to deliver the sensibility of the brand.